Monday, September 21, 2009


Haven't been doing to much to the car lately other than to correct a few exterior faults (new BMW roundels, and grill slats [even though one has since fallen off]). I gave her a bath this evening and snapped some glamor shots of her showing off her goods. Some more car pictures by yours truly are here... <-literally!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Redoing the enterior.

Tackling the interior proved to be a pretty straight forward and rewarding project. Supplies were some spray glue, scissors, screwdrivers, and paint.

Before (rear, and front)

The gauge cluster apart

and back together with a new ground wire, new paint, and a thorough cleaning.

And the finished product, new carpet, painted some old pieces, and Nardi Steering wheel.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First repair....

The other day Hetty lost the ability to shift into third. Initially I thought it was ome of the shft bushing going out. Upon a closer inspection it was apparent the shifter plate itself just sheared to one side. Called Ireland Engineering and they happened to have an extra plate laying around. After getting the part I went to work. The biggest pain was dropping the driveshaft, the some of the guibo bolts were froze. Once everything was back together the shifting was alot smoother!

Intro for the 2002!

Long story short, I had just moved to LA from Portland. First week in LA I got my car totaled by a nice guy who unfortunately couldn't speak English and didn't have a driver's license. To make some lemonade of the lemons thrown at me I looked at it as a chance to once again get a "fun" car. It had to be euro, classic, good design, easy to work on, and fairly inexpensive (to start), and so it led me to the early bmw 2002's.

This little 71 popped up in Seattle, some emails revealed some cool history. It's original owners were an elderly couple from San Diego who towed it behind their mobile home, so a number of the 120k orig. miles were towed. The then current owner was the economics prof. at Seattle U. It still came with the original folding key. Had original paint, etc.

So I hopped on the plane to Seattle, looked it over, bought it, and drove it back down to Los Angeles along the scenic highway 1.

Leaving Uncle Scott's in Seattle!
Stopped off at Pacific Motorsports in Portland to have Terry give the whole car a once over, everything checked out (thankfully) and in the process I learned alot more about 2002 pecularities.

In front of my old house in Rose Valley! Very wierd feeling seeing it all now.

This photo taken near Mt. Shasta.

Along the Pacific Coast Highway!

picked up this friendly looking guy, apparently he designed the f22 raptor, proved Einstein wrong, knows how to safely transport hydrogen, and is the smartest guy in the world. I dropped him off at a gas station in san luis obispo.
Drove roughly 1300 miles back without breaking down once, not a bad little car!
Back in Malibu.

Homage to cars gone by.

My name is Andrew Adams, and this first post is for personal posterity.

My first car was a 1987 Acura Legend, from my Uncle Scott. It was a great first car and I learned a lot from it. it's only problem was having an over-exuberant teen owner who decided to join the high school drag racing team.

After having my two best friends build much faster cars (69 camaro, 67 mustang) I wanted something to keep up and at the same time not be a muscle car.

My first personal project car was a 1990 Nissan 240sx. Bought it sight unseen on ebay and had it shipped to Boise. On its first drive it the ka24e promptly dumped all it's oil and anti-freeze at the Eagle and Fairview intersection in Boise, Chase Newman was there to witness the whole thing. It was towed to the house and shoved in the garage where it wouldn't move for two years while I amased all the parts needed to swap in an sr20det.

About the same time the car was finished I was graduating high school and needed a change. I packed everything and moved to Bozeman, MT. The car was great for the summer but when the Montana winter started to kick in it became painfully obviouse that the car had to go. Alot of learning happened over the course of our 3 years together. From yelling at it at four AM to START! to Canyon Carving on Hyalite Canyon road with Chuck Morris riding shotgun and telling me to drive faster! This would have been fall of 2005.

If any of the pictures look oddly familiar it's because they were taken on the Manhatten Convention grounds.

Sadly the guy I sold it to felt like he needed to drift it in the mall parking lot and wrecked it.

My next car was a 1999 Honda Accord, very very dull car, but also very very practical.

While living in Italy from September 2007 to July 2008 there was no need to drive, everything was near by (and if not there were trains) but I did get to try out the car that helped to inspire me to study in Italy. The Maserati Birdcage 75th concept by Pininfarina.