Monday, August 24, 2009

Intro for the 2002!

Long story short, I had just moved to LA from Portland. First week in LA I got my car totaled by a nice guy who unfortunately couldn't speak English and didn't have a driver's license. To make some lemonade of the lemons thrown at me I looked at it as a chance to once again get a "fun" car. It had to be euro, classic, good design, easy to work on, and fairly inexpensive (to start), and so it led me to the early bmw 2002's.

This little 71 popped up in Seattle, some emails revealed some cool history. It's original owners were an elderly couple from San Diego who towed it behind their mobile home, so a number of the 120k orig. miles were towed. The then current owner was the economics prof. at Seattle U. It still came with the original folding key. Had original paint, etc.

So I hopped on the plane to Seattle, looked it over, bought it, and drove it back down to Los Angeles along the scenic highway 1.

Leaving Uncle Scott's in Seattle!
Stopped off at Pacific Motorsports in Portland to have Terry give the whole car a once over, everything checked out (thankfully) and in the process I learned alot more about 2002 pecularities.

In front of my old house in Rose Valley! Very wierd feeling seeing it all now.

This photo taken near Mt. Shasta.

Along the Pacific Coast Highway!

picked up this friendly looking guy, apparently he designed the f22 raptor, proved Einstein wrong, knows how to safely transport hydrogen, and is the smartest guy in the world. I dropped him off at a gas station in san luis obispo.
Drove roughly 1300 miles back without breaking down once, not a bad little car!
Back in Malibu.

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